Monday, 11 February 2019

Features to Look for in a Retail Space in Noida

The retail industry in India has flourished to a great extent over the last few years. The all-round consumption expenditure of the country was in fact as high as $1824 billion in the year 2017. This industry additionally accounts for more than 10% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of India. This nation moreover holds the reputation of being the fifth-largest global destination when it comes to retail space. The prosperous Indian retail industry is ideally expected to enjoy a boost of 60% in the coming years and subsequently reach US$ 1.1 trillion by 2020.

Due to the consistent growth of the Indian retail industry, opting to start a retail venture in the country can prove to be quite a prudent move. Amongst all its major urban hubs, opening a retail shop, particularly in Noida can prove to be quite an advantageous choice for people due to the high purchasing power enjoyed by its residents. To ensure optimal business success, there are a few pointers entrepreneurs must consider when investing in shop for sale in Noida.  Here are two of those points:

  • The location of a retail store has a major influence on its overall footfall. Therefore, a retail space must be located in any of the key business or commercial centers of the city to magnetize maximum number of customers. For instance, the sector 32 area of Noida would be ideal for such a venture. The locality should also be well connected to the diverse neighboring cities and sub-urban areas by metro network, highways and roads. A convenient location would ideally go a long way in enabling customers from diverse parts of the NCR to come to the retail store, and therefore they do not have to only depend on the local community for their profits.
  • The space chosen by the entrepreneurs to start off their retail business must be big and spacious enough to accommodate the various equipment, appliances and staff required at the store. It should also have enough open space to make sure that the customers can explore the shop and its exhibits without any hindrances. There typically should be separate product sections and clusters present inside the retail space for displaying a variety of diverse product categories.

To find the ideal shop for sale in Noida to start their retail business, interested buyers can visit the website of some of the most renowned real estate companies of North India.


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