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Friday, 7 July 2017

Buying a Commercial Property in Noida at a Premium Location

Commercial property, be it shop, showroom, or office, is a great investment option owing to the high return on investment (ROI). However, such investments should be done carefully. For that, you should do a market study to understand if it is the right time to invest in a commercial property. For example, if you are interested in buying one of the shops for sale in Noida but the prices are at an all-time high, it is wise to wait till the market becomes stable and things are within your reach.

Also, if there is speculation of prices going down, then you should surely wait. Property prices depend on several factors and you should always take an informed decision. Also, it is very necessary to know about finding the right places to buy property at decent rates.

Points to Keep in Mind When Buying a Commercial Property in Noida

One might find a lot of shops for sale in Noida but that does not mean that each of them is an ideal deal to go for. When buying any shop or any commercial property, the following things should be kept in mind:

  • Check whether the property has proper documents which are real and valid. Buying a disputed property can be a major headache in the later run. So, try to avoid such traps.
  • Check the infrastructure and construction plan. Verify whether it is compliant with standard regulations so as to avoid problems in the future.
  • The location of the shop should be accessible for the customers.
  • Always opt for the best location as it will fetch you good price whenever you need to sell your shop.
  • Also, know your seller(s) before buying, and verify that they are legit.
  • Always register the property to establish your ownership and to avoid any legal dispute.
  • This is the age of promoters who sell land for hefty commissions and at the cost of breaking many legal procedures. Thus, it is advisable to buy property after due diligence at your end.
  • Make sure that the builder has a good reputation and is known for quality construction.
  • You can also check builders’ websites to know what is on offer.
  • Check the complete details, visit the website, ask professionals, discuss with associates and family, and take an informed decision.
Thus, to make your investment worthwhile, you can follow the points as mentioned above, and most importantly, do your own research to make an informed decision. 

Monday, 3 July 2017

How to ensure that the Office Space Purchased by you is Utilitarian?

office spaces in noidaWhen you purchase an office space or a commercial property, then the first thing that you have to take into consideration is the price of the property. Commercial property prices are always higher than residential properties. Hence, while investing in an office space, you must ensure that the investment is a worthwhile one. You must ensure that the office space that you have purchased is utilitarian and meets all your requirements. If you want your business to produce good returns, it is important that you ascertain the utility of a particular office space, before you proceed with purchasing it. Some of the factors that should be taken into consideration, to ensure that the office space you want to purchase is utilitarian, have been discussed below. 
Purchasing an Office Space in a Commercial Centre
When you purchase space for office in noida, which is a premier commercial and IT hub in India, you must be prepared to make extensive monetary investment. Hence, you should ensure that the office space you want to purchase is utilitarian and meets your requirements. Some of the points that you should consider while purchasing an office space in Noida are as follows:

  • Ensure that the square foot area or the carpet area of the office space suits your organization’s business activities. In other words, the area of commercial space that you require to set up a legal firm will definitely be different from that of a retail store. Hence, to make maximum utilization of the commercial space available, you must choose the area of your office space based on the type of business.
  • To ensure that the commercial space that you have purchased produces good returns, you should purchase a commercial property located in an industrial or IT hub, like Noida. Chances of reaching out to a wider customer base becomes easier, if your office is located in a commercial hub. 

Thus, to ensure that the office space you want to purchase is utilitarian and that it will produce good returns in future, you must ensure that the location of the commercial space is a lucrative one.